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Entertaining The Kids In Brisbane When Its Raining Cats And Dogs

Posted on 27 Feb, 2013

Finding a day, (or part of it) when it hasn't been raining of late seems few and far between, but fear not as there are plenty of fun-filled activities to keep the ankle biters amused!

Go to the pool!
Well if everything is wet you might as well get wet too. Kids love some time in the pool and it is a great energy burner. There are plenty of indoor heated options available but if it’s a humid rainy day consider going to your local outdoor public pool. There’s nothing quite like swimming in the warm rain. The Manly Pool is a great option with an outdoor shade or click here for more ideas.

Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium
This is another one both you and the kids will enjoy. If you’ve ever wandered up our big wide universe or thought those shots of earth taken from up above are simply amazing then you’ll have fun here. The planetarium is open every day except Monday. Check the council website for times and details.

Find a playcentre…with a cafe!
Kiddie and parent heaven. You just plonk them down in the middle of the play area and off they go. Brilliant. Usually you can sit and have your coffee somewhere where you can still watch your darling children clamber over the equipment so everyone is happy. For some venue ideas click here

Head into the Queensland Museum, The Gallery of Modern Art or the Art Gallery
Park all day undercover for only $16. There is also the Maritime Museum and Science Centre right nearby.

Head to Ipswich and visit the Workshops Rail Museum for a day of fun looking at trains and the Ipswich Art Gallery which is probably one of the most child friendly art galleries in Australia.

The Manor Apartment Hotel is the perfect inner city accommodation base for you and the family to get away for the weekend or Easter School holidays and explore these many options and come back at the end of the day for a good soak in a fragrant bath, warm towels and drinks and then a comfy bed!

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