6 Easy Tips for Cutting Travel Costs

Travel is often a business necessity but it’s always a great way to discover new horizons. With cheap flights and the cornucopia of information available on the internet, it’s easy to cut travel costs without sacrificing quality, for example, finding a one of the great serviced apartments in Brisbane or elsewhere for a luxurious getaway. These are six ways to cut travel costs.

1. Plan Ahead for Flight Bookings

For some flights routes, especially international destinations, it’s possible to save up to 60 or 70 per cent off your air ticket if you book far enough ahead of advance. Last minute booking or tickets with no penalty for changing flights can be one of the most expensive ways to buy air tickets.

Choosing tickets that don’t have added options for switching flights will help boost savings. While this means restrictions in terms of your eligibility for changing flight times, if you’re certain about your travel plans, you won’t need to change them.

2. Be Flexible About Flight Times

Similarly, being flexible about your flight times can help you reduce flying costs. Travelling off peak versus on peak can mean a different of hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. International routes can vary a lot from day to day and season to season, while domestic flights tend to be the cheapest on Tuesdays and non-holiday periods.

3. Rethink Ground Transportation

While the obvious items such as air tickets and accommodation tend to occupy travellers, one area not often considered is ground transportation. Opting for car rental over taxis or hiring a car service can mean thousands saved over the course of a year.

For holidaymakers, options such as car rental in countries with intense road conditions may not be practical. In this case, public transport can often be a safe, cost effective, and interesting way to get around the place. Check ahead for day passes and ticket packages to make great savings.

4. Research Before You Eat

Research can pay off when it comes to eating out on your travels. Do a bit of extra homework online and download an app to keep informed of cheap local eateries – you’d be surprised at how many cheap and decent places there are in just about any city. You can also try going on the recommendations of locals and discover some interesting, out of the way restaurants or cafes for an authentic local meal.

Having breakfast incorporated into your accommodation is another way to keep food expenses low, whether you’re staying at one of the serviced apartments in Brisbane or elsewhere.

5. Watch the Small Items

Some airlines charge extra for check-in bags, while car rental companies may apply an extra fee if the car is returned with tank empty. Packing well before your trip – according to weather and special requirements – can help you avoid impulsive purchases on the road. All of the little things can add up for frequent travellers or large families.

6. Enquire About Discounts

If you don’t ask, you’ll never know. Where appropriate, enquire about specials or discounts before you book. Many companies advertise specials only to target markets while applying standard rates to others, so you might realise some extra savings from a discount or special if you ask or check up before making a decision.

Posted (20-Nov-2011)

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