Giants of the Past Relived Right Here in Brisbane!

If you are a history buff, or just want a unique place for the family to visit over the summer, then the Queensland Museum is the place for you. The Giants of the Past exhibition is home to one of Australia’s most complete dinosaur skeletons. An amazing replica of a world-famous dinosaur trackway and fossils over 100 million years old are all featured in this exhibition telling the story of life in the Mesozoic era.   

The Mesozoic era, a period spanning 65 – 251 million years ago, was a time of massive climate change and tectonic upheavals and is known as the “Age of Dinosaurs”.

Giants of the Past features our famous, life-size reconstructed dinosaur skeleton – the Muttaburrasaurus langdoni. Visitors can also see the extraordinary replica of the Lark Quarry trackway, which is the only recorded evidence of a dinosaur stampede in the world, featuring more than 3,000 dinosaur footprints.

Also on display are fossils from dinosaurs including the Wintonotitan wattsi, believed to have been up to 16 metres long, and Australia’s oldest dinosaur skeleton, the extraordinary Rhoetosaurus brownei.

The exhibition runs until the 31st of December 2013 at the Queensland Museum Southbank

Posted (14-Dec-2012)

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