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Pearl Cafe

What we think:
A unique find in the heart of Wolloongabba.  Superb menu consisting of  hearty, old fashioned meals with a contemporary edge.  Its décor is particularly unique with its austere brick walls which have been brought to life with antique mirrors and trendy lighting.  Don’t miss this outstanding find – impeccable service, unique ambience, delicious food, the Pearl Café is truly a ‘gem’! 

The official description:
Packed with heritage houses and antique shops, this particularly picturesque part of Brisbane has become even more desirable with Daniel Lewis (formerly of Gunshop Cafe) setting up shop in a quaint terrace house. Lewis defines the menu at his cafe as "cheeky classic", and it's a phrase that works well to describe the space, too - think raw brick and bentwood chairs teamed with stylish modern lighting. The menu is heavy on nostalgia, with dishes such as shellfish and saffron broth with fennel, white beans, tomato and oregano, and roasted venison with creamed brussels sprouts, lardons, celeriac mash and jus.

28 Logan Rd

, QLD 4102

Phone: 07 3392 3300

Open: Tue-Sat 7am-10pm  


Posted (23-May-2012)

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