The Ultimate Guide to Air Travel Comfort

Some of us spend hundreds of hours in the air every year. For both corporate travellers and holiday makers, staying comfortable during the flight can make all the difference between a good trip and a great trip. Whether your destination is one of the luxurious serviced apartments in Brisbane or halfway around the world to London, use these five strategies for a comfortable and enjoyable flight.

1. Bypass the Airline Meal

Airline meals can be heavy on the stomach, especially on long-haul flights where travellers will remain sedentary for most of the time. It’s a good idea to take your own light snacks and skip one or two in flight meals. Try opting for fruit salad, a light salad sandwich, a bag of unsalted nuts, a trail mix, a tub of yoghurt, or a healthy seed and nut bar instead of the full in flight meal.

2. Dress Comfortably

Layer loose and comfortable clothing is the best way to go. Airports tend to be cooler than the plane itself and if the weather in your destination differs significantly from your departure point, layered clothing will make it easier to adapt.

Tips for dressing comfortably:

  • Versatile and lightweight pieces such as a jacket or a scarf can keep you warm on the flight.
  • Footwear should also ideally be loose and comfortable.
  • If you need to be ready right off the plane, try keeping suits in a travel garment bag and getting dressed in the airport. This will keep your suits looking fresh and well-pressed when you exit the airport to head to your destination, whether you’re staying at one of the serviced apartments in Brisbane or elsewhere.
  • Carry on a small toiletry kit and some deodorant and freshen up as required.

3. Get Moving During the Flight

You may want to keep active by stretching in your seat and getting up regularly and moving around the cabin. This can help reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis and optimise blood circulation.

Tips for staying active during the flight:

  • Pick an aisle seat for easy access and more space.
  • Get up and move around the cabin at least once an hour to stretch your legs.
  • Try the in-seat exercise or stretch videos, where available.
  • Move your neck, arms, wrists, shoulders, ankles and toes as you stay seated.

4. Support Your Back and Neck

The back and neck are two of the most frequently strained areas of the body during long flights. Stay alert of your posture and provide adequate support to your back and neck during the flight.

You can use an airline blanket or an inflatable neck or back pillow to keep comfortable. Keep aware of any tension building in your back and adjust your posture periodically.

5. Staying Hydrated

Bring an extra bottle of water for your flights and sip from it regularly. Avoid alcohol or heavily caffeinated drinks for best results. Other tips for staying hydrated in the in-flight cabin air include:

  • Use eye drops. If you wear contact lenses or have sensitive eyes, try bringing some saline eye drops to keep comfortable.
  • Saline nasal gel is very effective for those who find cabin air difficult to breath.

Lip balm and a rich hand cream will protect your skin against excessive dryness during the flight.

Posted (10-Nov-2011)

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