Top 8 Fitness Tips for Travellers

For frequent travellers, keeping fit on the road can be a challenge. With a little bit of discipline, you can resist sluggish vacations and maintain your energy levels on business trips. Use these eight easy and practical fitness tips to keep your energy levels high while travelling.

Tip 1. Find Accommodation with a Kitchen

Especially for longer, extensive trips, one of the best ways to ensure that you eat healthfully is to choose accommodation that incorporates a kitchen where possible. Cooking and preparing your own meals on the road means you won’t be at the mercy of convenience foods or be tempted to skip meals. Keep energised between meals with health snacks like nuts, protein bars, fruit, and plenty of water.

For interstate trips, quality serviced apartments in Brisbane and elsewhere in Australia often incorporate full kitchens for convenience. You can also consider checking out local restaurant locations and having a quick look at their menus to assist with planning healthier meals.

Tip 2. Check Out Local Parks and Trails

If you’re a keen walker or runner, check out local parks and trails. Walking and running are both easy ways to stay fit on the road at any time of the day, with running burning anywhere from 100 to 166 calories or more with each mile.

Remember to pack some sneakers before your trip. If you happen to be travelling to Brisbane, serviced apartments in Brisbane city are located close to city gardens suitable for walks and runs.

Tip 3. Use Body Weight and Resistance Band Exercises

Resistance band exercises use the weight of your body to build muscle strength. The best thing about resistance band exercises is that they can be done anywhere and don’t take up a lot of space – all you need is your resistance band.

Some popular resistance exercises include squats, chest presses, lunges, bicep curls, and lateral rows.

Tip 4. Skip Rope

Skipping rope is another wonderful exercise for travellers on the road. Pack a rope and skip early in the morning or before dinner. Skipping rope can burn anywhere from 11 to 20 calories per minute, depending on the intensity of your jumps.

Tip 5. Use Exercise DVDs

Whether it’s yoga, tae bo, aerobics, or step, using exercise DVDs are another way to get sufficient exercise while travelling. You can do these in the comfort of your own room, without the need for special equipment.

Tip 6. Do Short 10 – 20 Minute Workouts

Travellers are often constrained for time on the road so it’s sometimes unrealistic to commit to more than 10 or 20 minutes of exercise every day. There’s no need to be overly rigid about your fitness routine on the road and shorter workouts are often the best way to squeeze in some exercise if you’re time constrained.

Tip 7. Learn Breathing Exercises

Poor breathing habits can lead to as much as 20 per cent reduction in oxygen blood levels, which can affect alertness and energy levels. Learn some breathing exercises and do them every day and night. Alternatively, commit to being more conscious about breathing more deeply and slowly as much as possible.

Tip 8. Stretch First Thing in the Morning

Stretching poses no strain on bones or muscles and can help alleviate stiffness or cramping. When you get up in the morning, drink a large glass of water then go for a stretch. Pay extra attention to arms, hamstrings, back, and neck areas.

Posted (30-Oct-2011)

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